The Clement Canopy FAQs


Estimated Maintenance @ Clement Canopy Condo

Type Share Value Estimated Charges
Type A1, A2, A2G – 2 Bedroom Compact
Type B1, B1g, B2, B2G – 2 Bedroom Premium
Type C1, C1g, C1p, – 3 Bedroom with Yard
6 shares TBA
Type D1, D1g, D1p, D2, D2G, D2p – 3 Bedroom + Guest Room
Type E, EG, EP – 4 Bedroom
7 shares TBA

The Clement Canopy Floor Plans

Floor Finishes

Living/Dining Unit type A, B & C
Unit type D & E
Marble (Desert beige)
Wet Kitchen / Kitchen Tiles
Dry Kitchen (where applicable) Unit type C
Unit type D & E
Marble (Desert beige)
Master Bedroom / Junior Master Bedroom /
Bedrooms / Guest Room
Timber (American white oak)
Master Bath / Junior Master Bath / Baths Tiles
Yard/Store Tiles
WC Tiles
Balcony / PES / Private Roof Terrace Tiles

Additional items

Main entrance door lock Digital lock
Main entrance door height 2.4m (approximate)
Wardrobe Laminated finish with aluminum handle
Bath vanity Laminated finish with solid surface top
Shower enclosure Glass shower compartment
Kitchen Cabinet Laminated finish
Kitchen appliances

Unit type A
Electric Hob (SMEG)
Slimline Hood (SMEG)
Integrated Fridge (SMEG)
Oven (SMEG)
Washer cum dryer (SMEG)

Unit Type B
Electric Hob (SMEG)
Slimline Hood (SMEG)
Fridge (SMEG)
Oven (SMEG)
Washer cum dryer (SMEG)

Unit Type C & D
Electric Hob (SMEG) Slimline Hood (SMEG)
Fridge (SMEG)
Oven (SMEG)
Washer (SMEG)
Dryer (SMEG)

Unit Type E
Electric Hob (SMEG)
Slimline Hood (SMEG)
Fridge (SMEG)
Oven (SMEG)
Washer (SMEG)
Dryer (SMEG)
Wine chiller ( Vintec)

Sanitary Fittings Hansgrohe – Master/Common Bath
Sanitary Wares Roca – Master/Common Bath
Lighting Switches Hager
Aircon Wall-mounted air-cooled multi-split inverter controlled type. – Mitsubishi
The Clement Canopy Floor Plans units' range from 2 bedroom, Premium, Compact, 3 bedroom with Yard, Guest, 4 Bedroom. Showflat is ready for Viewing Now !!
Subject Questions Answers
PES / Balcony / Private
Roof Terrace
Type of finishes Tiles
Lighting point Yes
Power point Yes
Water point PES / Private Roof Terrace – 1 tap point
Height of railing 1.2 m (inclusive of kerb) (approximate)
Trellis provided No
Can cover balcony with grille? Yes, the enclosure must follow the design approved by competent authority.
Kitchen cabinet What is provided? built-in high and/or low level kitchen cabinets
complete with solid
surface counter top
Dishwasher Provision Provided? No
Gas Supply Citygas or cylinder ? No
Hot Water Supply Provision to where? Bathrooms and Kitchens
Capacity? 55L – Master Bathroom
55L – Junior Master Bathroom
55L – Common Bathroom (except Type D1 Bath2)
40L – Common Bath 2 (Type D1)
25L – Yard Toilet (Serving Kitchen)
Water Heater Gas or electric? Electric
Hair Dryer & Shaver point Provided? No
Telephone point Where? Living room and all bedrooms
TV point Where? Living room and all bedrooms
Security Features At ground flr lift lobby & Basement?

CCTV System provided to monitor basement, lower 1st storey & 1st storey lobbies for all blocks, 2nd storey & 3rd storey lift lobbies for Block 18 and side gates.
Secured access provided for basement, lower 1st storey & 1st storey lobbies for all blocks, 2nd storey & 3rd storey lift lobbies for Block 18 and side gates, gym, reading lounge, and study room.

Fibre Optic Is fibre optic ready? Yes
Letter Box Location ? Lower 1st Storey
Windows Do the units have sunscreen?
Can sunscreen be installed?
Are the windows tinted?
No sunscreen
Water Tank Where? Roof or basement? 1st Storey – domestic water transfer tank
Roof of every block – domestic water storage tank
Electrical sub-station Where? Near Block 16, next to MSCP
Refuse collection Where? Basement or Ground level? Pneumatic Refuse Waste Conveying System
Ceiling Height (Typical) Estimated 2.75m (general) (approximate)

Boundary Fence


Material of boundary fence

What is the height? Wall or fence? 1.8 m high; fencing and/or solid wall and/or solid wall with openings
What are the setback distances? Varies from 10m to 30m (approximate)
Material? fencing and/or solid wall and/or solid wall with openings
Window Double glazing? No
Casement/Sliding? Casement window, sliding window at wet kitchen only, and sliding door for living room and master bedroom where applicable.
Is window glass panels tinted? yes

The Clement Canopy Facilities

BBQ pits How many and where? 4 BBQ pits at 3rd storey
Sink and tap point provided? Yes
Side entrance Any? 3
Lap Pool Depth 1.2m (approximate)
Sizes 50mX7.2m (approximate)
No of lanes 4
Aqua Gym Depth
0.9m (approximate)
40m2 (approximate)
Children's water play pool Depth
0.5m (approximate)
20m2 (approximate)
Children's Playground Estimated size 95m2 (approximate)
Landscaping What are some special features?
  • Reflective hanging pods on waterfall
  • Spa in forest setting
  • Unique meandering pools along trunks in the forest
  • Multi-level pools
  • Tree top Gym
  • Entrance hanging pods
Combined units Possible? No
Access to units Main door access to units by key or card? Card with mechanical override keys / pins
Access to Common Facilities Can residents have direct access to poolside from 1st storey lift lobbies? Landscape area at 1st and 3rd storey. Private Dining and Gym at 2nd storey.
Distance of Block to Block What is the distance from block to block? 43m (approximate)
Lifts How fast do the lifts travel? Residential Block – 3m/s Clubhouse – 1m/s
How many lifts per lobby in tower blocks? 3lifts/block
Are the lift lobbies air-conditioned? Basement lift lobbies for all blocks, Lower 1st Storey lift lobbies for all blocks
Height of 1st storey lift lobby? 2.45m (approximate)
Distance to nearest MRT station What is the distance to nearest MRT station? (Clementi) 1.3km (approximate)
Handicapped friendly features Is the development handicapped friendly? Yes
Carpark Can request for more than 1 allocated lot? No
Carpark lot size 2.4mX4.8m
Bomb Shelter Location? Exit staircases

Pinnacle units

Level of Land

Green technology

Any special features?
Land is elevated from main road, what is height increased? 0.5m (approximate)
Any green technology in this development? Green Mark Certified
Showflat units Which type? B1, B2, C1 and E
Bicycle Bay Is the bicycle bay shared? Yes
How many lots are provided? 86 lots
Clement Canopy developed by UOL, the landscape takes its inspiration from nature. Thoughtfully designed facilities bring the family closer together, by taking the home beyond its walls.

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